Progressive Insurance Company FR44 Update:

guy with his key happy for getting his license desktop

Effective 04/26/2024 FR44 insurance monthly payment plans are available through Progressive insurance company. Also in this update, of particular importance to existing policyholders, an FR44 filing can now be added to their current policy. And, the state of Florida will notify the insured, not Progressive, when the filing is no longer required. It is the insured’s responsibility to make sure that the requirements of the filing are met.

Previously an existing policyholder would have to cancel their current policy and start a new Progressive policy that had to paid in full for 6 months. This is great news for anyone convicted of a DUI here in Florida. Progressive has consistently provided a competitive rate for DUI drivers needing an FR44 filing.  An FR44 insurance payment plan from Progressive will be exactly what many drivers need to get a policy and get back on the road with a reinstated license.

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