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If you’ve been cited for drinking and driving, you’ll be forced to attend an authorized Florida DUI program licensed and regulated by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
If this is your first conviction:

You must complete DUI school before hardship reinstatement (having your license returned with limited driving privileges such as for use to/from work)

If you plan to wait out your revocation period, you’ll still need to show proof of DUI school enrollment or completion to become re-licensed. 

DUI Programs Description

DUI programs are non-profit organizations required to provide drug and alcohol education to DUI offenders to satisfy judicial and driver licensing requirements. The classes are taught by certified DUI instructors who meet the requirements of the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

You must register for the DUI Program in the county where you live, work, or attend school unless you’ve been granted an exception. The DUI courses require in-person attendance. There are no online classes.

Two Levels of DUI Courses

Your conviction determines which course you need to take:

Level I Course

For first-time offenders. Requires a minimum of 12 hours of classroom instruction incorporating informative and interactive educational techniques. Participants must also pass a 1-hour evaluation by a Certified DUI Evaluator. Both the class and evaluation portion are available in English and Spanish.

The course can be divided into:
o   Saturday and Sunday (6 hours per day)
o   3 week nights (4 hours per day)

Upon registering for a program, you’ll receive a Proof of Enrollment via email. You can use this Proof of Enrollment to apply for a hardship license.

Level II Course

For persons with more than one DUI arrest. Requires a minimum of 21 hours of classroom time using primarily interactive educational techniques in a group setting. Participants must also pass a psychosocial, substance abuse evaluation conducted by a Certified DUI Evaluator. This course addresses the problems of the repeat offender and treatment readiness, as the majority of students are also referred to treatment.
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Completion Certificate

After successful completion of the appropriate DUI course, you’ll receive a tamper-proof certificate from the Florida Safety Council. You can provide the certificate to the courts and/or probation officers as needed. The school will submit a report electronically to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Unsuccessful completions are reported 90 days after enrollment, per FS 322.291. 


Once your case is completed, the terms for having your license reinstated will be stated. A level 1 course is for first time offenders. If you have multiple DUIs, you’ll likely be directed toward level 2 course.
The courses are offered nights and weekends. It’s up to you to arrange your schedule and make one of those options work. The course is not offered online. You must attend in person.
Go to the website for the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Search for your county and it will show where courses are offered inyour area and where to call to register. You can register remotely by phone.
The price for a Level 1 course which is set by the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles. It is $338 in 2024 but may change without notice in the future. The price for a Level 2 course is $504.05 in 2024 but also could change without notice. There may also be several other minor transaction fees.
You can register for the course by phone. You’ll be asked to pre-pay for the course using a credit or debit card. Typically, Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted. In addition, you’ll need to have certain documents available when you call: ·        Valid ID ·        Copy of your traffic ticket/citation ·        Copy of the Arrest Report/Probably Cause report. ·        Copy of the Crash Report if there was a crash. ·        All court information such as notice of hearing, probation order or written plea. ·        Copy of Blood Alcohol Level report or your refusal to do the field the sobriety tests. The registration process typically takes 60-90minutes so plan accordingly.
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